Building a Strong Foundation for Future Construction Careers

Because construction jobs require great skills and applying safety measures, training is an essential part of the whole thing. In order to build a strong foundation for your future construction career, there are many apprenticeships and courses available.

Perhaps the most important thing to do in order to establish strong foundations for your construction career is to keep your passion alive. In every working field we all have good days or bad days, but if our passion is genuine, things will go on in the right direction.

Like in all vocational domains, it is not all about the money. It has to do with the pleasure of working in the construction industry, and with the satisfaction that comes from building. When having passion for this industry, learning is a continuous process, and there are a lot of resources, both in the online, and in the offline environment.

Constant improvement should be on top of your priority list on a regular basis. At the same time, it is essential to be consistent about it; otherwise this can have a bad impact on your budget or on the quality of your work.

The habit of being very honest about projects, materials, deadlines etc. also is part of a sound foundation for your future construction career.  Find some of the best construction careers at https://buildcolorado.com/.

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The Best Apprenticeships to Join for Entry Level Construction Jobs

Joining Colorado apprenticeship program can give you the necessary skills and experience regardless of the exact field you choose: town planning, plumbing, project management, bricklaying, and so on. Like all types of apprenticeships, construction apprenticeships are available at several different levels: intermediate, advanced, higher and degree levels.

The most commonly chosen trades in the construction industry can also include lifting technician, roofing, plastering, site supervision, welding or steel work.

Apprenticeships are usually targeted at high school graduates. They can be a great alternative to academic education, especially for those who want to start earning their income as soon as they finish high school.

Those who graduated with good grades in math and English have more chances to join Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships. The exact content of an apprenticeship is determined by its level.

Construction apprenticeships are open mostly for people over 16 years old. In order to prepare for your entry-level construction jobs, you can choose from several different types available at this stage. Bricklayers, for instance, can work on various projects, from houses to decorative structures. Crane operator may be yet another great option for those who do not know where to start their construction career. Demolition operator may be another good choice, as well as forklift driver.

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The Top 6 Tips for Finding Entry Level Construction Jobs

Construction careers may be the perfect choice for those who like working with their hands, are fit and prefer to work outside most of the time. Even if you lack experience, most employers are willing to hire entry level construction laborer jobs candidates. There are certain tips you can follow to get a job, even if you have very little or no experience in construction.

Construction jobs may refer to sub-fields such as carpentry –creating and repairing frameworks for various building structures. Stairways, rafters or doorframes, wood walls, etc. are also included in the construction jobs’ category. Laboring, glazing and plumbing can also be part of this type of job.

To make sure you are successful in your job search, here are 6 useful tips:

  1. Make a proper resume. This can help you point out your strengths and unique skills. If you lack the experience in the field, you could focus on skills which benefit your employer.
  2. Ask around your circle of friends, acquaintances, etc.
  3. Consider taking an apprenticeship in the construction field.
  4. Search for manual labor jobs, which help you get more experience in the construction domain.
  5. Find temporary work –preferably which is somehow related to the construction field.
  6. Choose a specific sub-field and focus on it.
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Construction Apprenticeships in Colorado – What You Need to Know to Get Started

Apprenticeships in Colorado may cover many important fields, including construction industry. Most of these apprenticeships programs take 3 or 4 years to complete. The apprentices usually take part in classroom sessions, as well as in practical sessions with a skilled professional, or tradesperson. Thanks to the Colorado apprenticeship program opportunities, recruitment becomes much more reliable and faster, as these programs create candidates who already have the basic knowledge and skills to do their job properly.

In case you do not know how to start your building apprenticeship, here are is some useful information to guide you. First thing you can do is contact the Division of Apprenticeship Standards. DAS can inform you about the local standards for the construction field, including education and employment.

Another important step to establish the most important job skills required. You should decide on the exact types of certifications and sets of skills you want to achieve during your construction apprenticeship in Colorado. At the same time, you may want to find out about the exact number of supervised on-the-job type of training required for acquiring proficiency or mastery in this specific field.

Moreover, there are certain useful online tools available for those who want to follow an apprenticeship program in the construction field.

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The Top 10 Cities in the USA for Jobs in Construction

If you want a job in the construction industry, it makes sens that you’ll want to move to an area where construction work is plentiful. The following cities are some of the best places to relocate to, if you’re serious about starting a construction career and finding jobs in Colorado and other major cities in the industry as quickly as possible:

1.    Denver is the center of Colorado’s huge growth initiative enacted in the past 5-10 years.
2.    Chicago is one of the busiest cities in the US, and construction projects crop up in abundance here, as do some of the country’s leading construction firms.
3.    Seattle houses a lot of companies that hire new workers constantly and pay very well. Because of that, the job growth prospect for 2021 and 2022 is excellent.
4.    New York has recently seen a construction industry comeback, and is expected to have many new development project by next year.
5.    Los Angeles is quite possibly the busiest city when it comes to construction, and also provides the best possibility for earning a lot of money.
6.    San Francisco is also expected to grow and compensate for the small construction work decline of 2020.
7.    Portland will invest heavily in infrastructure project, and a lot of new jobs are expected to appear in the city.
8.    Boston official recently signed off $8.5 billion in development projects, and that number is likely to grow in the next few years.
9.    Detroit will be investing in medical centers so the local construction industry as a whole is expected to improve.
10.    Philadelphia is among the pioneers in sustainable development, and recently the city has started many residential and commercial construction projects.

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5 Essential Points of Advice for Anyone Starting a Job in Construction

Interested in starting a career in construction? The following tips should help you get into the right mindset and follow the correct path towards becoming an efficient, trusted and commended construction worker, even without prior experience:

1.    Don’t wait for your degree before you start working. A lot of construction workers start out as unqualified workers, and later make their way up the ladder to become very well-paid experts, whether they are construction managers, plumbers, electricians or masons.

2.    Figure out early on what you want to do. If you’re looking to follow an apprenticeship and a special school for building your career in construction, make sure you know in advance which branch you want to follow – whether it’s becoming a property manager, a surveyor or an elevator installer.

3.    Build up your strength and stamina. When you first start out as a construction worker, your job might be physically taxing. So make sure you have the resilience and strength necessary to do it.

4.    Be willing to learn. There is no better approach to construction work than a willingness to gain knowledge and experience through hands-on work.

5.    Commit to integrity and transparency, and you will be rewarded. Many construction workers who don’t have the skills of others get further along with their careers simply because they  are genuinely interested and willing to give 100%. Interested in working in the construction field, look to companies like Build Colorado at cefcolorado.org.

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When Should You Consider a Degree in Construction Management?

Construction management has to do with organizing construction projects and managing staff. If you want a career as a construction manager, a surveyor, a contract manager or a property manager, it’s a good plan to consider getting a degree in construction management and landing one of the Denver jobs in construction management.

This industry is all about communication, organization and having the bigger picture when it comes to dealing with the problems of running a construction project. If you want to make sure that you’ll have the right knowledge and expertise to deal with such issues, and if you believe you have the people skills, the leadership qualities and the ability to communicate that will make you a great leader and an excellent manager, then a career in construction management is definitely for you.

The only time when a construction management degree won’t help you too much is when you don’t want to pursue a career where you have to take up a leadership role. If you don’t feel comfortable organizing, managing and directing construction staff, and you don’t want to be a surveyor or a manager, then it’s best to pursue a different type of construction degree. Expert plumbers, electricians and elevator installers get some of the best paychecks in the industry, and all you need to do to become one is know your craft.

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The Top 5 Best Paying Industries in Construction

If you want a job in construction, you might want to consider some of the better paying industries. Here are 5 of the best and highest paid Denver jobs you can consider as you gradually build your career path in the construction industry:

•    As a carpenter you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of knowledge and expertise, but you are expected to be good at your craft. You might be surprised that working with wood could be so profitable, but it’s actually one of the best paying jobs in construction at nearly $50k per year.

•    If you like the idea of working as a plumber or pipefitter getting the plumbing installations ready in newly built houses and buildings, you might be in for another pleasant surprise. This career and industry can lead you to earning more than $55,000 per year.

•    Electricians also learn around a similar wage as plumbers, and the work of a skilled electrician is one of the most well-respected in the construction industry.
•    As a building inspector, you can expect to earn more than $60k on average, and the great thing about this job is that it doesn’t require any significant physical strain. On the other hand, you will be required to get a lot of training and education.

•    The best paid job in construction is that of an elevator installer and repair person. This industry is one of the most costly of all because of the expertise it requires and because of the risks involved with elevators. Builders will pay good money to make sure they have the most reliable experts on the job.

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What to Do If You Receive Multiple Job Offers

To any candidate who has never gone through the experience of receiving several job offers at once, the subject is probably not interesting. Or maybe it is the kind of topic that makes many people say, “Really?! Who wouldn’t like to have more offers to choose from?”

But when you are in the situation of a candidate with more than one job offer on the table, things get more complicated, and the choice may even become stressful, as the questions arise: “Which company is better?”, “Where will I be happier?”,“ How do I evaluate the offers?”, “Should I tell them about the other offer I have got? When is the best time for this and what is the best approach?” and so on.

It’s not easy, for sure. But you can make your Colorado jobs mission easier if you carefully analyze each of the offers and follow a few steps:

1. Trust your instincts. If you have doubts about any of the job offers and you feel that the information you have does not tell a coherent story, it is best to clarify all these doubts before accepting that job.

2. Look for as much information as possible. Ask your friends, read articles, opinions on the Internet (but analyze them critically and do not let yourself be influenced by subjective opinions), read employee testimonials, enter company websites etc.

3. If you still feel uncertain, make a list of pluses and minuses for each of the offers.

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A Day in the Life of a Construction Apprentice

Choosing to become involved in an apprenticeship program is a smart option for all the people who prefer learning a skilled trade instead of pursuing further college / university education. This route can make people grow up, as they learn the importance of taking responsibility for their work.

A construction apprentice’s day starts early, in order to reach the site manager and prepare the tasks for the day. Tasks are discussed and there will be an overlook of drawings and measurements before getting to work. Under the surveillance of the construction team leader, the apprentice will go on with the task or the part of the task scheduled for that day, until it is completed.

There is, of course, a lunch break and then the work keeps going until the finish for the day.

Besides learning the necessary technical skills for practicing construction jobs in Colorado, an apprenticeship program helps apprentices to learn other skills too. Working in a team, day after day, teaches communication skills, with people at different levels of their construction career.

Every day in the life of an apprentice means acquiring new problem-solving skills and learning more details on how a successful site is run.