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Many Hands Campaign


Today and for many years to come, the construction industry in Colorado, like the rest of our country, is facing a major workforce crisis. The need for new skilled workers is projected to be close to 45,000 workers in the next five years – a 25% increase from where we are today. This shortage impacts every company and our community at every level. We must work together to solve this problem with a focus on both short and long-term workforce development needs.

  • The Construction Education Foundation of Colorado (CEF) is leading the effort to bridge this workforce gap and is making great progress by building strong coalitions within our industry, the education community, governmental agencies, and the private sector.
  • The work is just beginning but already, through programs such as Careers in Construction (CIC), the foundation is changing the narrative about the opportunities in our industry and funneling young people into programs designed to prepare them to enter the workforce. 
  • For the first time in decades there is now a strong push in our public education system to integrate Career Technical Education into the overall curriculum and construction technology is a key and critical element.
  • CEF is leading the way to facilitate learning and career preparedness at the High School level. In addition to our CIC program, our P-TECH program is raising awareness and introducing high school students to the opportunities and excitement of our industry. The demand is growing for us to deliver more programs to more schools on behalf of our industry. Each new school and student we add requires additional funding for teachers, staff support, curriculum development and teaching materials. 
  • We also need help and funding to continue marketing the message that a career in construction as a skilled tradesperson is very rewarding and lucrative – and can be accomplished without student debt in an “earn while you learn” apprenticeship program.


The time is now for you and your company to get involved in our workforce development and recruiting efforts. The need for new skilled trades workers continues to increase and the interest, awareness, and benefits of a career in construction continue to grow. We need to fight the battle for workers with competing industries more than ever before. We also need to continue to promote the idea that a career in construction is not a second or third alternative but should be looked upon as a first consideration.

Your company’s participation in CEF’s “Many Hands Campaign” is critical to our continued success. With all of us pitching in to support workforce development we can accomplish our collective mission.

The many ways you can help include:

  • Annual tax-deductible sponsorship/cash donation
  • Volunteer time to reach out to prospects thru our programs
  • Hire students who have been involved in our programs and have the desire to begin a career in construction.

We appreciate your support.

To learn more about getting involved please contact:

Bryan Cook
Executive Director

Lisa Seaman 
Workforce Manager
720-532-0659 ext. 201



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