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Sustainable Building Certificate


PLEASE NOTE: Content on this page is currently under construction. For the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding our Sustainable Building Certificate program, please contact Jim Spence –  or 720-532-0659.


Certificate for creating and improving building sustainability

  • Teaches methods of creating and improving energy efficiency through plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more
  • Starting Q1 2023
  • In-person and virtual classes
  • No cost for students – funded by a Colorado state grant


  • Calendar of upcoming classes coming soon


  • Pre-apprenticeship certificate training (PACT):
    • Teaches methods of creating and improving energy efficiency through:
      • Plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more
  • Full curriculum to be announced 


  • No cost to students – currently funded by a Colorado state grant


  • CEF Training Center
  • 646 Mariposa Street, Denver, CO 80204


Green Building methods, plumbing, and landscaping:

This lab demonstrates building techniques to maximize insulation and building envelope losses to increase efficiency in energy usage. Hands on learning will demonstrate how to maximize material usage and curb waste in the building process. Students will be taught proper layout techniques and blueprint reading, illustrating ideas on how to minimize waste. Demonstrations will be given on door and window installation to minimize heating and cooling loss through proper window selection and installation. Students will view and research different types of doors and windows applicable to different areas in Colorado and the country for energy star compliance. Classes include learning about the latest in green plumbing installs and fixtures that demonstrates energy efficient water heating, smart faucets to save water, and grey water usage. Additionally, students will learn about gutter/French drain systems to allow more water into the ground, while also conserving water through xeric landscaping and permeable hardscapes.


Students will learn proper installation techniques and wiring methods designed to minimize waste of electrical materials. Students will learn about transmission systems and an overarching look at electricity generation and green electricity generation including solar, wind, and geothermal generation. Classes will expose students to different styles of lighting for energy conservation and motion sensor switching for rooms. Students will learn about smart home/office integration using systems that allow for ease of use, energy savings and adaptive technology for people with disabilities. Additionally, students will learn how to use a multi-meter and testing equipment to check circuits, devices, and show energy usage differences with different equipment.


Students will gain an understating of different types of HVAC systems, as well as troubleshooting of new systems and upgrading of existing systems to meet Energy Star requirements, plus proper install techniques of ductwork installation and ductwork insulation. Learning how to size and balance an air heating system with returns for new installs, additions, and retrofitting will be part of the curriculum. Students will learn hot water and chilling systems for home and commercial use as well as cooling and dehumidifying systems for server rooms and cloud computing storage systems. Students will also learn about the refrigeration process for cooling and heat pump technology, to demonstrate how heating systems are getting away from the use of natural gas and propane for heating.


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