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The Best Apprenticeships to Join for Entry Level Construction Jobs

Portrait of young man in construction industry training

Joining Colorado apprenticeship program can give you the necessary skills and experience regardless of the exact field you choose: town planning, plumbing, project management, bricklaying, and so on. Like all types of apprenticeships, construction apprenticeships are available at several different levels: intermediate, advanced, higher and degree levels.

The most commonly chosen trades in the construction industry can also include lifting technician, roofing, plastering, site supervision, welding or steel work.

Apprenticeships are usually targeted at high school graduates. They can be a great alternative to academic education, especially for those who want to start earning their income as soon as they finish high school.

Those who graduated with good grades in math and English have more chances to join Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships. The exact content of an apprenticeship is determined by its level.

Construction apprenticeships are open mostly for people over 16 years old. In order to prepare for your entry-level construction jobs, you can choose from several different types available at this stage. Bricklayers, for instance, can work on various projects, from houses to decorative structures. Crane operator may be yet another great option for those who do not know where to start their construction career. Demolition operator may be another good choice, as well as forklift driver.