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Construction Careers That Need Less Education

carpentry colorado jobs construction work careers

carpentry colorado jobs construction work careers

When it comes to the field of construction, qualifications are not necessary; what matters most are the skills.

Most construction companies offer various forms of training for their employees, but it is very important that workers have skills that will allow them to learn the trade while working. Strength and physical endurance are essential for the performance of many tasks on site. Almost 50% of construction works also require the erection of heavy objects. Along with physical strength, good coordination is also necessary. It is important for workers to be familiar with the materials and tools required in construction. Communication is one of the most important skills in this field, being the key to learning.

The Boomers generation (born in the early ’60s) that makes up a large part of the construction workforce at the moment is approaching retirement age. Many construction firms are interested in attracting new talent to cover staffing needs, and the demand for workers will continue to grow as new construction projects emerge.

Construction careers for Colorado jobs that need less education or even no degree at all include ironwork, carpentry, plumbing, pipefitting, steam fitting, sheet metal work, painting laborer, masonry worker, etc.

In construction, you can start as an unskilled worker and, as you progress, you can get to qualify, specialize and reach higher levels (project manager, engineer), if you decide, in the future, to do specialized studies.