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A Day in the Life of a Construction Apprentice

Teenager with professional brick layer in training school

Choosing to become involved in an apprenticeship program is a smart option for all the people who prefer learning a skilled trade instead of pursuing further college / university education. This route can make people grow up, as they learn the importance of taking responsibility for their work.

A construction apprentice’s day starts early, in order to reach the site manager and prepare the tasks for the day. Tasks are discussed and there will be an overlook of drawings and measurements before getting to work. Under the surveillance of the construction team leader, the apprentice will go on with the task or the part of the task scheduled for that day, until it is completed.

There is, of course, a lunch break and then the work keeps going until the finish for the day.

Besides learning the necessary technical skills for practicing construction jobs in Colorado, an apprenticeship program helps apprentices to learn other skills too. Working in a team, day after day, teaches communication skills, with people at different levels of their construction career.

Every day in the life of an apprentice means acquiring new problem-solving skills and learning more details on how a successful site is run.