Time For A New Career Entry Level Construction Laborer Foot In The Door

Entry Level Construction Jobs – What Your Agency Won’t Tell You

Time For A New Career Entry Level Construction Laborer Foot In The Door

In addition to new technologies, modern equipment and the introduction of increasingly effective types of organization have shattered the myth that the construction jobs are some of the hardest in the world.

It is not easy to work in construction, but it is definitely not as hard as in the past and, in addition, you can choose from several entry level construction laborer jobs options, depending on your specialization. It is true that salaries differ, but employees in this field earn above the average, including some of those who have entry-level jobs.

If you have not yet convinced yourself, consider this: you do not necessarily need studies or experience in order to get employed in this field, because more and more employing companies offer training periods for their employees who can learn how to do their job better and even receive certain qualifications that will ensure them a better job.

Your agency may not tell you that construction workers are always in great demand and get the chance to earn well, even those who have entry-level jobs. Examples include: carpentry laborer, landscape laborer or masonry worker, but also painting laborer and flooring & tile worker.

In addition, most construction companies offer their employees the opportunity to specialize at the workplace and advance to better jobs. The secret is to have a good professional discipline, even if you are at the entry-level: show up early, be clear about your ambitions, work hard — because all these will eventually pay off!

carpentry colorado jobs construction work careers

Construction Careers That Need Less Education

carpentry colorado jobs construction work careers

When it comes to the field of construction, qualifications are not necessary; what matters most are the skills.

Most construction companies offer various forms of training for their employees, but it is very important that workers have skills that will allow them to learn the trade while working. Strength and physical endurance are essential for the performance of many tasks on site. Almost 50% of construction works also require the erection of heavy objects. Along with physical strength, good coordination is also necessary. It is important for workers to be familiar with the materials and tools required in construction. Communication is one of the most important skills in this field, being the key to learning.

The Boomers generation (born in the early ’60s) that makes up a large part of the construction workforce at the moment is approaching retirement age. Many construction firms are interested in attracting new talent to cover staffing needs, and the demand for workers will continue to grow as new construction projects emerge.

Construction careers for Colorado jobs that need less education or even no degree at all include ironwork, carpentry, plumbing, pipefitting, steam fitting, sheet metal work, painting laborer, masonry worker, etc.

In construction, you can start as an unskilled worker and, as you progress, you can get to qualify, specialize and reach higher levels (project manager, engineer), if you decide, in the future, to do specialized studies.

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Should You Look for Denver Jobs in Construction Right Now?

denver construction jobs surveyor building construction


The construction field was one of the few that managed to defy the pandemic, along with IT and Telecommunications. Construction companies continued their activity almost normally and developed many projects destined for the people who started to work from home. Still, although wages are good, the construction field faces a shortage of workers.

That’s why it is advisable to look for construction jobs right now!

Salaries in the construction industry are above average, due to the fact that the employing companies compete to motivate people to work for them in the long run, so they come up with attractive offers.

In addition to the monthly payment, it is also worth analyzing the package of benefits you can get from different employers. For example, for a regular construction job (e.g., machine training operator), individual and team performance bonuses may be offered, as well as working overtime bonuses according to the legislation in force, meal vouchers, transport reimbursement, professional training opportunities, etc.

Very often, qualifications are not necessarily required; what matters most are the skills of the worker.

Last but not least, you can enjoy stability, if you choose one of the Denver jobs in construction and are a reliable worker. Construction gives you the opportunity to have a stable, long-term job and to advance in your career, if you want to.

Benefits Road Construction Jobs

The Benefits of Aiming to Find Road Construction Jobs

Benefits Road Construction Jobs


There’s never going to be an end to the need to build, restore and repair roads. Since the time of the Romans, road construction has been considered a noble profession, and it continues to be highly regarded as well as paid very well in modern days.


If you’re interested in road construction jobs in Colorado, you’re definitely on the right track in terms of making a name for yourself in the construction industry. Here are just a few benefits you can reap by becoming a proficient worker in the road construction industry:


  • You can start right away, as many road construction jobs are actually entry level jobs.
  • This is one line of work where you can catch on fast and build good experience in a short amount of time. The work itself is pretty challenging, but that just means that once you decide to move up the ladder and find better paid jobs, you’ll be able to handle them better with the aid of the experience you’ve gained doing road construction.
  • Road construction jobs can also lead you to a variety of other professions, including becoming a roofer, a masonry expert or a landscaping professional. Your work with asphalt on its own will be enough to help you gain skills that are sought after in all of these industries and turn you int a valuable worker in no time.
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3 Colorado Jobs in Construction You Can Apply for Without Experience

entry level construction jobs starting good pay


The entry level construction workers for jobs in Denver typically require no experience. Although some construction companies can be more demanding than others, asking for some internship experience or a completed apprenticeship, others will be more relaxed, requiring you to simply be eager to learn and willing to put some effort into your work.


Some of the jobs that allow you to start right away without any experience might be physically demanding. Fortunately, modern construction relies more on technology and less on hard manual labor. So, depending on the craft you want to learn, you might have to do less hard work than you’d normally expect.


  1. The job of a masonry worker will normally be quite straightforward at first, and it won’t require you to have any experience. Masonry workers tend to learn quickly on the job, and if you have a little dexterity and perseverance, you’ll do very well from the start.
  2. Another one of the Colorado construction jobs you might consider without the need for experience is that of a carpentry laborer. Carpentry laborers usually have a very interesting and diverse line of work, where they help others with mechanical and carpentry-related assignments, including woodworking and anything having to do with hand tools and power tools.
  3. Finally, you can also consider becoming a flooring and tile laborer. Laying down tiles and hardwood floors is a satisfying job and it doesn’t require any experience to start with. You’ll be able to learn it at the workplace, and in most cases the practice you get will be more important than learning any kind of theory about what you have to do.
The Future Build Colorado Denver Jobs

Why Switching to a Career in Construction Is a Great Idea

The Future Build Colorado Denver Construction Jobs

Most people might not be aware of the fact that construction jobs are no longer what they used to be. In Denver, jobs associated with the construction industry are on the rise, and people from all around the country are going there to try to get one of the good Denver CO jobs. However, people who have never worked in construction might be hesitant while thinking that they’ll have to do a lot of physical labor and that the pay is simply not worth it.


Maybe it was like that many years ago, but these days the construction industry has been pretty much completely reformed. Switching to a career in construction is not as difficult as you might think, and entry level construction jobs are plentiful and surprisingly well-paid. You can also find a lot of opportunities for training, learning and getting practical experience through local Colorado apprenticeships, internships and at companies that offer free training for future candidates.


Even if you’re older, you can still switch to a career in construction, and there are careers that hardly require a lot of physical labor. Much of the heavy lifting these days is done by machines, and if you’re skilled at being an electrician, a mason or an elevator installation technician, then you’ll get a lot of money doing work that has more to do with knowledge and less to do with physical strength.

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Is It Easy to Find a Job in the Colorado Construction Segment?

build colorado construction jobs


In Colorado, the construction industry has been literally booming in recent years. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed things down because of delays in material shipments and imports, the problem has mostly been circumvented and there are many new construction projects that are taking off the ground in the state of Colorado – and particularly in large metropolitan regions like Denver.


According to some it’s a miracle, and according to others it seems simply illogical, but despite the fact that more than 400,000 people working in the construction industry throughout the country have lost their jobs in the past year or so, the Colorado job market still holds construction workers in high demand, and the industry is still growing. The momentum that the successes of the near past have achieved in Colorado cannot be negated, and the focus on sustainable development, an increase in manufacturing and a focus on aerospace jobs has caused a positive feedback in the area, with more people needing more venues and a greater volume of housing due to moving to Colorado to fill job positions in those industries.


Ironic or not, the construction industry itself is creating more jobs, and the surplus workforce available due to the increase in unemployment in 2021 has lead to skilled workers from all around the country flocking to Colorado to find a job. Compared to the rest of the country, therefore, Colorado is definitely the place to be if you want to find a good jobs in Colorado construction.

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4 Reasons to Move to Colorado and Look for Better Paid Construction Jobs

move to colorado denver jobs construction industry


It’s an exciting time for construction careers in Colorado. If you’re looking to move to the state of Colorado to start working in construction, you should know that this is a great time for it, and you’ll receive better support these days than ever before:


  1. Construction jobs in Colorado are on the rise, and with more and more construction companies looking for workers, the time is now to ride the wave and start your own career in construction. Moving to Colorado has never been more profitable!
  2. If you already started a career in the construction industry, you’ll find that the best construction industry Denver jobs – and especially in cities like Denver and Colorado Springs – are better paid these days than almost anywhere else.
  3. Places like Denver are extremely family-friendly and they can provide you with a chance to settle down and start your own family, if you haven’t already. If you have, then this is literally the best place in the United States where you can move with your family and start a fulfilling new life.
  4. Due to the demand in construction jobs, Colorado has better apprenticeships, internships and training opportunities for entry level workers. Some companies have gone so far as to set up their own comprehensive training programs and hire inexperienced, entry level workers in order to train them up and have them become qualified workers operating under their policies.
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Why Are There So Many Construction Jobs Available These Days in Colorado?

construction jobs worker commercial building finishing phase


With so many people being drawn these days to the newly available industries and jobs in Colorado, the construction industry has been steadily taking off these past few years as well. For a while now, investors and developers throughout the state have been coming up with new construction projects designed to increase housing, create more opportunities for businesses and corporations moving to cities like Denver, and building infrastructure that can withstand the new changes.


Although these transformations have seemed chaotic to some, they actually follow a well-determined supply and demand that has been driving the growth of Colorado for quite a while now. Denver jobs are on the increase, and that means more residents are in need of housing. Construction jobs in Colorado are increasing because more workers are needed to keep up with the demand for fast and efficient construction in the area.


There is also a tendency for companies to favor better paid construction careers, as Denver and other expanding cities have an impressive demand for skilled workforce. As Colorado construction companies continue to attempt to fill the gap, it’s no surprise that available construction jobs – both for qualified and unqualified workers – continue to grow in number to an ever-increasing extent in this day and age.

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Are Denver Construction Jobs on the Rise Right Now?

build colorado jobs market construction

The construction industry was affected by the economic crash in 2008, which created a shortage of qualified workers. Since then, construction jobs have been on the rise. The fact that young people are increasingly less attracted to the construction industry is another reason it is rather easy to find a job in this industry.

Construction companies take into account different strategies to attract people. Many organize apprenticeship programs to train non-qualified workers and then hire them. They also make partnerships with colleges, etc. The prospects for the next year show that even if you are not qualified and lack experience in the construction industry, you will still be able to start a career rather easily.

The construction industry is still booming, even if the pandemic slowed it down a bit – not as much as other industries though, since there is no way to put constructions and repairs on hold.

Therefore even if the projections for Denver construction jobs are not as great as before the pandemic, they are still favorable to workers.

Nonetheless, considering that so many people have been relocating to Colorado lately, it is advisable to make your step towards a career in construction sooner rather than later, as some of the available positions here https://www.cefcolorado.org/ are expected to start filling up.