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3 Colorado Jobs in Construction You Can Apply for Without Experience

entry level construction jobs starting good pay

entry level construction jobs starting good pay


The entry level construction workers for jobs in Denver typically require no experience. Although some construction companies can be more demanding than others, asking for some internship experience or a completed apprenticeship, others will be more relaxed, requiring you to simply be eager to learn and willing to put some effort into your work.


Some of the jobs that allow you to start right away without any experience might be physically demanding. Fortunately, modern construction relies more on technology and less on hard manual labor. So, depending on the craft you want to learn, you might have to do less hard work than you’d normally expect.


  1. The job of a masonry worker will normally be quite straightforward at first, and it won’t require you to have any experience. Masonry workers tend to learn quickly on the job, and if you have a little dexterity and perseverance, you’ll do very well from the start.
  2. Another one of the Colorado construction jobs you might consider without the need for experience is that of a carpentry laborer. Carpentry laborers usually have a very interesting and diverse line of work, where they help others with mechanical and carpentry-related assignments, including woodworking and anything having to do with hand tools and power tools.
  3. Finally, you can also consider becoming a flooring and tile laborer. Laying down tiles and hardwood floors is a satisfying job and it doesn’t require any experience to start with. You’ll be able to learn it at the workplace, and in most cases the practice you get will be more important than learning any kind of theory about what you have to do.