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A Look at How Denver Road Construction Jobs Have Evolved Over Time

road construction worker great jobs

Nowadays, there are seven U.S. routes serving Denver, but it has not always been like this. In the ‘20s, when the national highway system was commissioned for the first time, there were only three routes serving Denver. Eventually, the city’s importance was acknowledged by AASHO officials, who placed it at the junction of U.S. 85, a major north-south route, and of U.S. 40, a transcontinental east-west route.

These decisions had a great influence on the dynamics of Denver road construction jobs. Over time, the increase in these jobs was steady, and kept up with the state’s economic and population expansion.

In 2008 the entire market crashed, and many construction workers were forced to look for other jobs. When the situation improved, some of them did not return to the construction industry. As a consequence, in recent years there was a shortage of qualified workers.  

Though the pandemic slowed economic growth, the construction industry was not significantly impacted. It is still rather easy to find one of the road construction jobs in Colorado with so many transportation/ mobility projects underway. These jobs are listed on the website of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

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The Training You Need to Start a Job in Construction

construction industry road infrastructure jobs in colorado

Training is important in every field. However, the construction industry is particularly problematic and requires more extensive practical training than almost any other industry. That is because construction jobs can be hard as well as dangerous. You might end up working at the top of a tall building or in difficult weather. Or you could be required to manage construction vehicles and machines on difficult terrain.


The reason why the best construction careers are so well-paid is because these jobs that even the best and most talented construction workers have to go through on their way to the top are usually very demanding and difficult.  With those that start out with road construction jobs in Colorado it is a great stepping stone and a great learning process of how the construction industry works together.


The best construction workers will have an excellent understanding of mathematics, geometry, physics and natural sciences. They’ll also know a lot about geology and the properties of materials that are used in construction, and they might even delve into fields such as masonry and electric science. In most cases, you’ll only need a high school diploma to start your training to become a skilled construction worker, but once you get started it can take a few more years to go through an apprenticeship, complete a community college education and get the additional skills and experience you need at a local trade school or association.

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Career Opportunities in Construction in Colorado

Get Started Today Construction Jobs


Denver jobs in construction are on the rise, and it’s no secret that Colorado has been one of the main places to find good construction jobs in the past 5-10 years. The city of Denver in and of itself has expanded significantly in recent years, and new construction projects are being set up even now, as investors continue to arrive with bold new ideas for the area.


As such, there’s no shortage of good career opportunities in Colorado’s growing construction industry. Some of the best opportunities are in leadership positions, as reliable and well-trained construction managers are very well-paid. The competition is more fierce, but the results are also more worthwhile.


Regular entry-level workers are also sought out by many companies in an effort to supplement their workforce. But an even better opportunity for good construction industry jobs is reserved for those experts who already know their craft when it comes to areas such as plumbing, masonry and the installation of elevators and electric wiring.


Probably one of the best things you can do, if you don’t want to be a construction manager, is to opt for a specialization as an electrician or plumber, follow the right study programs and apprenticeships, and then get some experience in the field before applying to a well-known Colorado construction firm. Even though this approach can take more time, it will help you set yourself on a path to a better career with far greater ease.

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3 Reasons Why Construction Jobs Are so Popular

Education Foundation Construction Jobs

It is estimated that about 5 million workers in the field of constructions lost their jobs during the 2008 financial crisis and only a part of them came back, when the crisis was over. Since then, there is a shortage of qualified construction workers, amplified by the preference of the new generations to other careers.

The job market is oversaturated by people looking for office jobs, but it seems that the construction industry is starting to slowly regain its popularity.

3 reasons why construction jobs are popular again

  • The field of construction is one that is constantly developing, which is why jobs always appear. The offer is varied, so when you decide to pursue a construction careers, you have job security.
  • In addition, modern equipment as well as efficient types of organization have dispelled the myth that jobs in constructions are some of hardest and dirtiest in the world.
  • Another pro is that you do not need studies or experience to start a career in constructions. More and more companies offer learning and training periods (apprenticeships), free of charge, after which you can receive certain qualifications that will offer you the possibility to get a job. As the time goes by, you can get more qualifications and get specialized for better paid jobs at places such as
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Do You Have to Start at the Bottom with Low Paying Entry Level Construction Jobs?

Questions We Can Help Builder Colorado

The construction sector offers a wide range of jobs, depending on your experience and studies at Build Colorado of Denver.

Job vacancies exist even for those who have no experience at all. However, many employers offer new employees training courses or even the opportunity to obtain certain qualifications, to increase their potential.

It is not absolutely necessary to start at the bottom, with a low paying entry job; these jobs are for people with little experience or not enough education. But with more studies, job opportunities in construction will become more and more numerous and better paid. Here are some well-paid career options:

Contracts manager

Contracts managers are responsible for creating and reviewing contracts involved in the purchase of materials and equipment, selling services offered by the company and consulting with sellers and customers. They must have special communication skills, as well as a foundation degree, or Higher National Diploma.

Specialist in project control

Project control specialists are responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining cost controls on a particular project, ensuring that the project is carried out successfully. A master’s degree in construction management (or a similar field!) is necessary, as well as leadership qualities and organizational skills.