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Your Guide to Interviewing for a Construction Apprenticeship


Each job in the construction field requires certain skills and abilities from the future employee. It often happens that a person who wants to work in a certain place does not have the necessary training to get that job, and this could be an obstacle for both the person in question and the employer who is in need of manpower. If you are in this situation, opting for an apprenticeship program can be to your advantage because it will guide you to develop the necessary skills and obtain a level of professional qualification, at the end of the period provided in the contract. 

The construction apprenticeship contract supports those who want a job and are willing to invest time and energy into learning the qualities needed for a job.

The apprentice’s reliability and willingness to work and learn at the same time is what all employers are looking for, therefore the job interview must be prepared in such a way as to be relevant and help you know your candidates better.

Interviewing for a construction apprenticeship is a bit different than interviewing for a regular job, because in this particular case, you do not look for specialists, but for people to invest in, to qualify in the field of construction and to hire, eventually, at the end of the internship. Therefore, your goal will be to discover the motivation, ambition and dedication of some people (generally very young!) to your company’s needs.  Find apprenticeship opportunities here.