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Your Guide to High Demand Construction Jobs in 2021


Given that the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in the number of unemployed by more than a third, Denver jobs in the construction sector are becoming more and more attractive, especially that they are well-paid.

With minimal experience and a degree in construction, you can find work in the following positions:

  1. Entry-level jobs

Contracting and acquisitions agent

In such a position, you will be responsible for purchasing the necessary materials and equipment. You will also help review contracts and manage finances.

Commercial carpenter

Commercial carpenters are involved in building and repairing commercial structures, such as malls and grocery stores.

  1. Advanced jobs

Contract administrator

Contract administrators are responsible for creating and reviewing contracts involved in the purchase of materials and equipment, selling services offered by the company and consulting with sellers and customers.

Specialist in project control

Project control specialists manage the teams of employees in construction and engineering. They are also responsible for planning and financing specific projects and ensuring that these projects are carried out successfully.

In the construction industry, jobs are generally wee-paid, but the highest level of earnings is, of course, for the best qualified and experienced. For this reason, the job of construction manager is also in high demand.