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Will 2021 Be A Good Year for Construction Industry?


2020 was a year of crisis and economic shrinkage that affected all industry segments, construction included. While 2021 looks like another tough year, many experts are optimistic and forecast a powerful come-back for the building industry this year – here is what they say:

  • A more competitive market for subcontractors – the cold months at the beginning of the year come with fewer projects and are always a period that is more challenging for any player in the construction industry, but many experts say that this year will be in its entirety about more severe competition;
  • Even more demand for top quality – recovery for the construction industry is likely to mean more exacting demands from clients as well as the demand to include more services into their range without increasing the prices significantly;
  • Increased interest for safety – keeping employers and sites safe will continue to be a priority to construction companies, whether small or large. Most companies have already developed stricter and more comprehensive procedures that now include not only the safety measures that were standard before the pandemic, but that make the wearing of masks and regular sanitizing mandatory;
  • Continued labor shortage – the construction segment continues to make efforts to attract talent from other industries to help solve labor shortage issues. This also means that the positions for Colorado jobs offered by building companies come with increasingly attractive conditions.