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Why You Should Consider an Apprenticeship in Construction


Many construction companies today use a great, very efficient strategy to solve their labor shortage issues: they offer apprenticeship programs to talented people who are interested in a specific trade, but have no or very little experience in the field. Apprenticeship programs offer a combination of paid work and learning in the form of in-classroom and in-field working, which means that apprentices work on construction sites, under the supervision of masters during the day and they also attend classes where they learn the theoretical basics as well as the practical aspects of their trade. Here are some important benefits that make these construction jobs in Colorado apprenticeship so attractive:

  • Well-paid jobs – even though the apprentice is not a skilled person, the payments offered are usually higher than the payments received by skilled personnel in other industries;
  • Career opportunities – after completing the course and taking the required exams, former apprentices can quickly move up the career ladder to become masters or managers;
  • The opportunity to have a business of their own – after receiving their certificate, the people who have completed an apprenticeship program can not only seek employment at higher levels in the industry – they can also start their own business.