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Why the Need For Construction Workers Continues to Grow


Labor shortage is a serious issue that construction companies have been faced with for years and the trend is likely to continue, too. Simultaneously, the industry segment is experiencing unparalleled growth – the residential, the commercial, the industrial and the public construction segment are all expanding, with more and more new projects started each day.

The increased demand for new construction as well as for restauration and renovation projects is growing due to the increased willingness of individuals and companies to invest into real estate. The process, however, has already led to a gap between the demand and the ability of construction companies to provide the teams necessary for completing available projects. The situation has also resulted in a growth in the payments offered by construction companies – builders are trying to attract skilled and unskilled workers, tradesmen and other industry professionals, including managers and office staff. The construction industry has probably never offered such attractive wages, but building companies are trying to lure talented people away from other segments with other methods as well, for example by launching apprenticeship programs that provide paid employment as well as training for interested, but currently inexperienced candidates. In conclusion, the best time to switch to a career in construction is right now, see