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Why Having an Apprenticeship on Your Resume Will Help You Land Jobs


Apprenticeship jobs are types of employment that offer the apprentice practical and theoretic training as well as job site experience, therefore having such a position on your resume can make your search for employment faster. Here are the benefits of having participated in an apprenticeship program:

  • The guarantee of knowledge and experience – most apprenticeship programs take 1-5 years to complete. During that time, apprentices participate in classroom teaching as well as in practical classes and they also work on job sites under the supervision of masters. The knowledge gained during the programs enables apprentices to work on their own – a feature very much sought for by employers today;
  • Must-have soft skills – work in construction is not all about the technical aspects of the job – it is also about communication, problem solving, teamwork and other indispensable soft skills. During their long training, apprentices learn these skills, too, so having the apprenticeship on your resume will tell your prospective employer that you know how to integrate into a team and how to handle difficult situations;
  • Passion for the job – most people choose apprenticeship programs in adulthood, after careful consideration, so the job candidates who have such a program on their resume are surely ones who are passionate about the job they are applying for.  Find some of the best opportunities for construction at