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When to Turn Down a Job Offer


Even in times when it is difficult to find a well-paid job, you must not accept unconditionally the first job offer you receive, unless it is one of the best Denver jobs available. Here are some red flags that tell you when to turn down a job offer.

  1. The employment announcement mentions that the future employee will “benefit” from a work permit, paid leave or two days off per week. These are not benefits! According to the law, you are entitled to get them, so the employer does not offer them from the goodness of their heart. Actually, such an approach may be an indicator that the employer has the mentality of a plantation owner.
  2. The employer cannot give you a clear answer to questions such as: “What is the salary increase procedure?”, “How are the promotions done inside the company?”, “Why did the person who previously held the job leave?” etc.
  3. The employment notice includes at least one requirement regarding the physical appearance of the future employee. Even if you meet that “requirement”, you should know that such references are discriminatory; they are good indicators of the level of professionalism within the organization.
  4. The employer talks to you right from the first interview about working overtime, but forgets to add about the payment you will get for your extra work.
  5. The company insists on signing the employment contract as soon as possible, not giving you time to clarify your future attributions and working conditions.