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What Will Be the Seven Fastest Growing Construction Careers in the Next Few Years?


Did you know that there are estimates of a growing construction industry including Denver jobs and other major cities that could bring about 700,000 new jobs by the year 2024? Despite COVID-19, the goals of investors and industry leaders are to keep building newer and better structures, and their ambition will require new technologies and new workforce in the years to come.

While all this is going on, experts also believe that the following are the seven fastest growing and most potentially profitable careers in construction that you can aim for in the next few years:

  1. Project managers will be in higher demand because many construction companies will branch out to take on more projects at the same time.
  2. Electricians will be needed to install wiring and wire new technological equipment including advanced electronics for smart houses and IoT technologies.
  3. With taller and more hi-tech buildings on the horizons, the profitable profession of elevator installer and repair person will also grow in demand to a considerable extent.
  4. Plumbers will also be sought out for their expertise with installing water systems.
  5. Solar panel installation experts are already in demand because of the growing use of solar panels for reducing buildings’ dependence on the grid.
  6. Craftsmen and brick masons will be needed as a result of a growing interest in the use of masonry.
  7. Finally, as there is more focus on reducing energy consumption, insulation contractors will be required more frequently as well.