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What Training Do Road Construction Jobs Require?

Working in road construction is a hard, but rewarding job. There are good salaries and there is the security of continuous work available for the long term. However, before you reach the point when you can work in this kind of job, you need to acquire skills and experience.

This is the educational and training road path for people who are interested in this profession:

1. GGSE in Relevant Subjects

The starting point for a career in road construction is to pass GGSE in subjects like math, technology and design. These are some of the critical skills needed in road construction work and many companies require them even for apprentices.

2. Apprenticeship

The core job skills and abilities are not taught in class, but on the job. This is why the first practical step in this career is to be an apprentice for a construction or utilities company. Successful apprentices are then ready to become certified for road construction jobs.

3. Certification

There are four levels of certification for road construction jobs. Level 1 is the Certificate for Basic Construction Skills. Level 2 is the Certificate in Building Crafts. Level 3 is the Diploma in Work Preparation for Building and Construction. Level 4 is the Diploma in Construction Operations.

Please note that in certain situations you also need to hold a LGV driving license, find out more on what is needed at