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What To Expect From Your First Day Of Work In Construction


It is never easy to be a newbie, but you will have go through your first day of work and show the kind of maturity that will make people appreciate you. Don`t expect too much fuss around your presence; you will be briefly introduced and then everyone will start working, including you.

Make sure you show up on time. Being late on your first day will make you look really bad and unprofessional, so better show up 15-20 minutes early. You will have time to say hi to your new colleagues and even have a coffee and a cigarette with them, before everyone straps on the tool belt.

You will be expected to dress properly for Denver jobs, which typically includes jeans, sturdy boots and comfy long sleeved cotton shirt. Other equipment may be handed to you before you begin working – gloves, hardhat, reflective vest.

Do not use your phone while working, because you are not paid to update your status on your social media accounts.

Sometimes, lunch and water are provided, but in all the other cases you will have to bring your own supplies that will help you going through the day.

Finally yet importantly, get yourself together, because working full time in construction is very tiring and often repetitive; you are going to need all your focus!