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What To Bring To An Interview


You’ve applied for dozens of job postings, gone through numerous phone interviews, and finally been called to a face-to-face interview. Do not show up empty handed! It is important to prove that you have prepared for the meeting, so you should bring with you the following things:

  • Your CV

Even if the employer has seen your resume already, it is advisable to have a copy with you. Be careful, do not keep it folded in your pocket and do not take it out only at the end of the interview. Print it and present it in a folder – preferably a simple one, without the logo of your former employer or other company.

  • References

Any employer will want to verify the information you provide, before making a hiring decision. Presenting some references during the interview facilitates the recruitment process and saves you from later sending emails to former managers or co-workers with whom you have not kept in touch.

  • Study certificates

This is an important detail that many candidates overlook. Even if the interviewer can read information about your studies in your resume, some of them will want confirmation, so they will appreciate you presenting your study certificates, especially when it comes to construction jobs in Colorado industry.

  • Portfolio

You can include here projects you worked on during college, published articles, personal creations, web designs – depending on the job requirements you applied for.