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What Is The Difference Between An Apprenticeship And A Mentorship?


Do you need to become an apprentice or find a mentor? Although similar in the basic intent (that is, learning from a skilled and experienced person), there are key differences between apprenticeship and mentorship. The difference is mostly based on the type of jobs where each of them is required to train new employees.


1. Mentors Share their Specific Experience

A mentor is a professional who has reached the current position by going through various career steps for Denver jobs, learning from their own mistakes and acquiring inside knowledge. Their role is to pass this specific knowledge to the mentee to help them progress with fewer mistakes and a clearer outlook on what they want to achieve.

2. Apprentices Learn by Doing

Apprenticeship is focused on training people while doing the work tasks together with an experienced trainer. They receive theoretical learning, as well, but the greatest part of being an apprentice is practice. This has been the oldest form of employee training, from the times of guilds and small manufacturing workshops.

3. Mentorship Teaches Leadership Skills

While apprenticeship teaches young hires a skilled trade (carpenter, mason, electrician), mentorship is focused on developing leadership and management skills. Typically, mentorship programs exist in large corporations, where top managers select and prepare their replacements.