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What is a Construction Apprenticeship

Young people in professional training on industrial site

An apprenticeship is a form of professional training, carried out on the job, based on an apprenticeship contract. According to this contract, the apprentice undertakes to go through professional training and to work for and under the authority of the employer, which in turn undertakes to ensure the payment of their salary and all the conditions necessary for the training.

Anyone, regardless of age and qualifications, can enroll in a construction apprenticeship program to obtain a new specialization. It can be the first step in starting a professional career.

The employer may carry out apprenticeship programs under the conditions provided by the legislation in force, as authorized professional training provider, or by concluding a contract with an authorized professional training provider.

Construction apprentices go through a professional training plan as well as a practical training plan, specific to a certain field of the construction industry, under the surveillance and guidance of specialists with experience. At the end of the program, participants must pass a graduation exam, after which they obtain a professional certificate and, depending on the results obtained, they may receive a job offer within the same company that organized the apprenticeship program.

An apprenticeship program like allows you to build a career on a solid foundation, and the fact that you learn a trade and earn a salary for the work you do while learning is a big pro.