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What Does Color Psychology Say About the Colors You Should Wear to an Interview?


Color psychology says that colors can influence the mood of people based on what they see, wear or visualize. Although the science of color psychology is not too well-understood as of yet, many believe that wearing certain colors in certain situations can be helpful.

This is the case for job interviews, as many of those who support the theory of color psychology say that wearing hues of blue, gray or black will help candidates do better, not just because they increase their own professional self-image, but also because others will see them as more capable and confident.

However, it’s important to note that not all colors work the same for all the different types of jobs in Colorado you can apply for. In many cases, the relationship and association between colors and jobs are filtered through the moods that we feel when we see certain colored clothing. Then, those moods are filtered through the viewer’s belief system and perception regarding what their mind associates with that color.

As a result, while hues of blue, gray and black will work wonders for formal or traditional job interviews, applying for a more creative job will likely require you to wear something like purple, green or yellow. Of course, the meaning, intensity and specific hue of each color should be considered in association with the type of industry you want to work in, as, for example, red and orange would be good to get noticed and suggest that you have a fiery attitude, but it can also cause a stressful reaction if the interviewer is of a more sensitive temper.