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What Does an Internship in Construction Entail and Why Should You Consider It?


If you’re thinking of joining an internship program while still in school to further your knowledge and expertise about specific branches of the construction industry, it can definitely be an inspired choice that will help you kickstart your career. You should know, of course, that there is a big difference between construction apprenticeships and construction internships, as the latter simply entails a limited period of working small jobs for a particular employer, while the former involves a complete practical training program designed for early specialization in certain fields.

An internship in construction with Build Colorado in Denver will typically last between a week and three months, and you could also be faced with schedules like working for a week every few months for a total period of about a year. There is no set guideline on how long internships are or should be, and in most cases it will be fully up to the employer.

Internships serve the purpose of helping trainees make their first steps in learning specific skills or gaining work experience in certain fields – including anything from the theory and practice of construction management, to civil engineering or sustainable construction practices. While most interns will end up working for the employer who hired them for the internship, this isn’t necessarily a rule, and you can create your own path to success once you complete your studies.