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What Do Employers Look for in a Resume in Construction?


Depending on the job you apply for, employers can have various ideas of who they might be looking for and what they’d expect to see in your resume. Applying for jobs in Denver Colorado is, of course, no guarantee you’ll get it, but as long as you know the following tips on how to craft your resume, you will at least get a good chance of being called to the firm for an interview, at which point your skills and your communication abilities could take over to help you get the job.

  1. If you want to work in a certain specialization, consider focusing primarily on that. It’s still a good idea to add work experience that might be completely unrelated just to show that you have work experience, but that won’t help you get the job. What is likely to help is your ability to create a compelling case in favor of the relevant work experience you might have.
  2. Communicate that you are reliable and highlight what makes you a confident, attentive and careful worker. Because of the practical nature of construction, many employers will look for these qualities, even if the resume is not that impressive when it comes to listing degrees and past workplaces.
  3. Focus as much as possible on your ability to work in a team. Teamwork experience and communication skills are a big plus in construction, where the team you’re a part of has to work like a well-oiled machine, with all its parts (workers) doing what they have to do in complete harmony and with a high level of precision.