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What Do Apprentices Do In The Construction Industry


The apprenticeship contract is an individual employment contract, under which a natural person, called an apprentice, undertakes to train professionally and work for and under the authority of an employer such as Build Colorado, who will pay for their work and ensure all conditions necessary for professional training .

In other words, an apprentice learns while working under the supervision of an experienced professional, and earns money. The apprenticeship contract is concluded for a determined period and comes to meet the needs of those who do not have specialized studies or professional qualifications in construction, being a convenient way to start a career in this industry.

Apprentices start with simple and routine activities, learn to collaborate with colleagues and assume a collective responsibility in the activities carried out, which become more complex and diverse over time. Towards the end of the program (usually after at least 3 years) the apprentice will be able to coordinate and control the activity of the team to which they belong and to complete various and complex activities.

The apprenticeship contract offers you exactly the same rights that other employees have, but also the same obligations, including the performance of work under the conditions mentioned in the contract. In turn, the employer has its obligations, including the payment of salary in exchange for the work you perform.