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What Are Some of the Best Jobs in Construction?


Working in construction comes with lots of great perks: good pay, job security, variety and the possibility of quick promotion. Here are some of the attractive positions in the construction business:

  • Project manager – these people have a lot on their hands, but their work is well-paid and varied. Most construction managers start in entry level positions like road construction jobs in Colorado and as laborers, then they either get promoted because they are so good at what they are doing or they get a certificate in project management and combine their practical skill with theoretical knowledge;
  • Specialized installers – these professionals are highly sought-for and very well-paid. The learning process is lengthy, but installing elevators and other, complex systems is a very intriguing field;
  • Crane operators – cranes are huge, complex machines that require lots of knowledge and skill to operate, therefore these jobs are also highly paid and in demand;
  • Masons – the work of masons can sometimes be hard, but it is always beautiful. Working as a mason is not only rewarding – it also opens the way to switching from being an employee to starting a private business;
  • Glaziers – these workers measure, cut, handle and install glass sheets and panes inside buildings as well as on the exterior. The job often involves working at height and other risks, but it is very well paid.