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Top Paying Construction Industry Jobs


The construction industry is booming all over the world. As the global population grows, there is an increasing demand for homes, office and commercial buildings. Thus, if you want to join an active and ever in-demand career, the construction industry is the right choice.

But how much money can you expect to make from a construction industry job? These are the top earners in this niche:

1. Construction Manager

Also known under the title of general contractor, this position is remunerated with up to $48 per hour. This high pay is justified by the responsibility and tasks the position entails. The construction manager has to oversee all the construction works, create the budget and schedule for the project, manage all the workers and subcontractors and personally guarantee the quality and workmanship. It is one of the highly challenging jobs in Colorado, but it also pays off.

2. Elevator Specialists

As buildings are taller and taller, elevators become a must-have feature. And specialists who install and maintain elevators are in great demand. An elevator specialist can earn up to $39 per hour. However, they are also responsible for any malfunction and accident involving the equipment they installed.

3. Electrician

Electricians can earn as much as $25 per hours working in a construction project. However, this is very skilled work and entails huge responsibilities. An electrician has to create the wiring for the entire building and take into account the maximum loads on the electric network (office or industrial equipment, HVAC installations, etc.).