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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Construction


The construction industry offers many different jobs in Colorado and surrounding states, for qualified and non-qualified workers, as well as different career paths that could take you to a very rewarding position, which would allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you are a hard worker and prove your commitment and reliability, you can get a really good paying job in constructions, even if you are nongraduate.

We have compiled a list with some of the highest paying trades and professions in this industry.

1. Construction Manager

A construction manager is a fully qualified professional, who works hard and deals with many different tasks each day, in order to bind an entire project together. Average salary is $89,000

2. Elevator Installer

Maybe you did not know, but an elevator installer is one of the top nongraduate earners in the construction industry. These workers are only required to complete an apprenticeship, in order to acquire the mechanical and electrical engineering qualifications they need for this job. Average salary: $79,000

3. Building Inspector

A building inspector takes on responsibilities at different stages of the construction project. A degree in a relevant field is required, but it is also possible to progress into this position from a related profession.

Average salary: $59,000