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Questions To Ask During Your Construction Apprenticeship

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A construction apprenticeship will set you on the path of a great career, but you must know that you are getting what you enlisted for. Depending on where you see yourself in the future, you should choose the right apprenticeship.


These are some of the key questions you should ask during your construction apprenticeship:


1. What Types of Job Can I Apply For after the Apprenticeship?

There is a huge range of construction jobs including those like road construction jobs in Colorado and other major cities, and each type of apprenticeship prepares you for some of them, but not all. For example, there is a big difference between road construction works and residential buildings construction works.


Also, the job of a general contractor is different from the job of a foreman or of a road engineer. Make sure you are training for the kind of job you envision.


2. Where Am I Licensed to Practice after I Complete the Apprenticeship?

Each state has different legislations and rules for licensing construction workers. In some cases, you can easily get an equivalent license in a different state. In others, you may have to complete extra apprenticeship periods and take various tests. This is why you should know how wide the territory where your apprenticeship certificate is recognized is.


3. What Is the Next Certification I Should Get after the Apprenticeship?

If you want a better paid job in constructions, you should specialize in various fields. A diligent supervisor will explain to you the various paths you may take and recommend the best one that fits your skills and abilities.