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Most In-Demand Construction Jobs for 2021


The construction industry is constantly developing, which is why jobs always appear. The offer is varied, so if you want to work in one of the construction fields, it is important to know from the beginning what is in-demand, what are the tasks and responsibilities required from workers, but also how much money you can earn.

Whether you are an engineer, a blacksmith-concrete worker, a bricklayer or you practice any other profession in the construction industry, you can find work for construction jobs in Colorado or private developers.

Most in-demand construction jobs for 2021 include:

  • Project manager

The project manager is the person who supervises the construction project before its start and until the completion. It is a job that requires qualifications and higher education, but it is also the best paid.

Median salary is about $ 95,500, and the best-paying states include New Jersey, California, New York and Rhode Island.

  • Plumber

This is one of the basic jobs and will surely continue to remain in high-demand for a long time to come. It is also one of the highest paid, the median salary being about $ 55,000 (best-paying states include Illinois, Minnesota, Alaska and Massachusetts).

  • Electrician

This is yet another basic and highly in-demand job this year. The median salary of an electrician is about $ 56,000, and the best-paying states are New York, District of Columbia and Hawaii.