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Is Construction a High-Paying Industry?


The construction industry is known to offer a very wide range of great Colorado jobs opportunities and to have lots of high-paying positions available for suitable talent. Here are some of the best-paid jobs in the segment:

  • Construction managers – the job description for these posts is long and includes lots of complex tasks from planning construction activities to overseeing them all the way to completion. The payments for the complex and challenging job is, of course, high;
  • Specialized repair, maintenance and installation technicians – elevators, windows and doors, electrical supply systems, heating systems, plumbing systems, heating and ventilation systems, flooring and the fixtures incorporated into these systems all need trained and highly qualified technicians. The construction industry is faced with a constant shortage in these areas, therefore these jobs are always in high demand and paid well;
  • Machine operators – cranes, excavators and other machines used for lifting and moving heavy objects are used all the time on construction sites – no building project can be executed without them. Experienced operators able to perform complex tasks on these machines are also very well-paid and sought-for;
  • Laborers – all construction projects rely heavily on laborers. The work is usually hard and it involves lots of processes performed outdoor, but the pay is great.