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How to Utilize LinkedIn When Looking for a Career In Construction


Next time you are looking for a job in construction, in addition to the classic recruitment like Build Colorado of Denver, take into account LinkedIn. If you are wondering how to use it to find a job, consider the following tips.

  • You need a recommendation from someone who works for the construction company you also want to work for. Such a recommendation will greatly increase your chances of getting the job and start your career in construction.
  • Fill in your entire profile so that recruiters know what you are looking for. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is constantly updated. You will never be able to convince an employer of your professional qualities, so pay close attention to the “professional interests” section; it will help you get the attention of employers who use LinkedIn to recruit.
  • You should create a LinkedIn profile even if you do not have a job yet. Just fill in the “current job” section with information about what kind of job you are looking for.
  • Finally yet importantly, be active on LinkedIn, if you want to have better chances to be recruited by a construction company. Read articles published online, leave comments, ask questions. It only takes a few minutes of your time, but these minutes are exactly those that could make the difference for you.