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How to Tame Nerves Before An Interview


Maybe it happened to you too that, trying to give the best answers to an interview, you only managed to say trivial things, because of emotions. There is a solution for interviews with Denver jobs, however, to tame your nerves, by using the Coue method.

This is a technique of conscious self-suggestion, based on the postulate of the psychologist Emile Coue, according to which “any thought we have in mind becomes reality, within the limits of reason.” However, to treat your emotions, it is not enough to think that you will succeed. You have to master the idea and assimilate it.

There are three ways to deal with stress at a job interview: through words, image and body.


  • Write down how you would like to behave during the interview (e.g. am in top form at the interview) then read aloud, 20 times, the phrase(s).
  • Mimic boldness, if you are shy. Do not underestimate the power of posture and opt for a “fake it to make it” attitude. This does not mean that your are lying the employer, but only that you are overcoming your own nature.
  • Focus on an image that is comfortable for you (e.g. a place where you like to go to and relax). By closing your eyes and visualizing this image, you will generate different and new emotions that can help you get rid of stress. This technique is easy to use on the way to the interview, or as you wait to start.