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How to Network at Events


Interaction in various formal events or meetings, generically called ‘networking’, can give us a lot of trouble, especially if we are shy, introverted or lacking in self-confidence. We often avoid initiating a dialogue and talk to new people, no matter how much we like them.

How to start a conversation with strangers

People are primarily interested in themselves. Therefore, when you want to talk to someone, the best way is to ask them a question, using the common circumstances: “How did you found out about this event?”, “Have you participated in other jobs in Denver Colorado events?”.

You will be able to capture and hold the attention of other people you may want to interact with by talking to them about what interests them. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions. “How did you start your career in this field?”. If you get a short answer, ask for details: “What happened next?” Listen to the answer. Do not interrupt, do not change the subject.

We are part of a culture that encourages us to criticize others (sometimes unjustified!) rather than to express our admiration. That is why many of us are reluctant to make a compliment, worrying that we might look fake or flattering. And indeed, the power of a compliment depends on its sincerity. So, be authentic, say what you appreciate about the other person. “I am just happy to have this conversation with you. Your pragmatism helps me see things from a new perspective”.