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How To Make A Resume For Construction Careers


A resume is not a 100% standard document. For each application, it must be adapted according to the field of activity, the company and the position.

When writing a resume for a construction career, it is important to use phrases and keywords specific to the construction industry, which employers also use in their ads for those jobs. This is because many employers use automated candidate tracking systems, which are programmed to prioritize those that include specific keywords. Some examples:

  • For construction managers or supervisors: construction management, project management, inspection, quality control, site supervision, contracting etc.
  • For general construction: operation of equipment (bulldozers, forklifts, excavators), measurements, safety regulations, hammer skills, power tools, demolition, trucks etc.
  • For various qualifications in the field of construction: brick installation, carpentry, cement mixing, plumbing, plasterboard, electrical, refrigeration, sheet metal etc.

The resume must contain sections dedicated to work experience, education and skills for jobs in Colorado. You must also write a keyword-rich summary (also known as qualification profile), which is used immediately to demonstrate to a manager that the candidate has the qualifications set out in the job advertisement. In the “Experience” section, there are described the key projects and achievements that will help the candidate to stand out in the competition.