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How to Find Construction Apprenticeship Jobs Near You


A construction apprenticeship is a form of employment designed for people seeking work in the building industry without previous work experience in the segment, a paid job that includes training as well. If you are currently looking for a new career in construction, an apprenticeship position is all you need – here are some tips about how to find out about available openings:

  • Register on job sites – many of these sites have separate sections dedicated to apprenticeship positions. To have access to the information, you will need to prepare your resume, to register on the platform and to upload your resume, then you can freely browse apprenticeship job offers;
  • Contact local companies directly – many large companies with construction jobs in Colorado announce their apprenticeship programs on their official website, so it is a good idea to check the websites of the construction companies in your area, then you can send them your resume and a cover letter directly;
  • Attend job fairs – many building companies recruit apprentices at job fairs, so carry out a little search online to find out about the job fairs in your area and go there to find out more about your possibilities – it is an excellent way to meet with your prospective employer directly.