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How to Build a Resume When You Have No Construction Experience


Finding a job in construction without previous experience in the industry is a paradox situation – it is difficult to get a job because you have no experience and you can get no experience because you don’t get a job. However, a good resume can help you break that circle – here is how to build a resume that highlights your skill and makes you an attractive candidate for the job that you want so much:

  • Think about relevant experience – when it comes to the work experience section of your resume, think about whatever relevant work you have ever done. If you have helped your father around the house, you surely have some things to list in your application for an entry-level construction job; if you have ever taken a course in office software packages and you are applying for an office job in a construction company, highlight your computer literacy;
  • Write a compelling text in the Objectives section and place that section right under your personal details – take your time to formulate that first sentence, it is a great way to raise interest;
  • Highlight your soft skills and interests – many employers in the construction industry today prefer candidates who are passionate and willing to learn denver jobs, so highlight your abilities of communication, your organizing skills, your ability to learn fast and to work in a team.