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How to Build a Career With a Construction Apprenticeship

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Construction apprenticeship is a type of professional training, carried out directly at work, based on an apprenticeship contract, through which the employer undertakes to professionally train an apprentice in a trade in the field of construction.

The apprenticeship contract is concluded for a certain period and comes to the aid of those who do not have specialized studies or professional qualifications in a certain field – construction, in our case. Anyone, regardless of age, can take the first steps in a career in construction, with an apprenticeship with companies such as Build Colorado in Denver. It is a very good option especially for young people (despite the fact that university education is emphasized as the only one that really matters nowadays, the truth is that not all young people fit in a university context, so encouraging technical training through apprenticeship is a smart thing to do).

The benefits of such a learning program:

  • at the end of the period, the apprentice will go through an exam to obtain the qualification diploma
  • the apprentice will get a salary for its work, during the program
  • learning conditions in a suitable environment that invests in the development of apprentices

A construction apprenticeship can also bring you a permanent job, once the program is over (employers who invest in such programs actually invest in qualified labor for their company). All you have to do is take your responsibilities seriously, especially since, after completing the apprenticeship program, you can follow other specializations that will qualify you for increasingly better paid positions.