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How Much Training Do You Need to Start Your Career in Construction

To start a career in construction, you do not need any training or experience. This field still needs skilled workers, therefore many companies nowadays organize construction apprenticeships. Among the apprentices, the company will recruit its future employees, and they will have the opportunity to continue working and training to advance in their careers towards better paid positions.

Many of the qualified construction workers started as apprentices, years ago. Since then, some of them have followed a pretty impressive route. The young people that construction companies train today as apprentices are very likely to secure their future.

A Colorado apprenticeship program is basically a professional training that takes place directly at work, based on a contract, through which the employer assumes the obligation to ensure the professional training of the apprentice in a profession of the construction field. In turn, the apprentice must be willing to train professionally and to work for their employer. The apprentice is entitled to a monthly salary, and the provisions that apply to other employees also apply to the apprentice, as far as they are not contrary to those specific to the apprentice’s status. The employer also has the obligation to appoint a coordinator, who will guide the apprentice, so that they will acquire all the theoretical and practical qualities necessary for the qualification.