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How Long Do Construction Apprenticeships Last?

construction apprenticeships education opportunities

construction apprenticeships education opportunities


When comparing construction apprenticeships with bachelor’s degree programs, you might be surprised to find out that both can last about the same amount of time. Although a bachelor’s degree program is a lot more elaborate, a typical construction apprenticeship will depend greatly on what line of work you’re pursuing and how hard the trade is to learn.


A good example is the difference between masonry and something more complicated like learning to install elevators or becoming an electrician. Masonry is probably more closely related to the construction industry than either of the other two, but to become an elevator installer or an electrician you’ll need to go through a more elaborate education program – including attending lengthy apprenticeships and internships to learn about your trade and hone your skills.


A full apprenticeship will typically last about 2-5 years. Your safest choice is to bet on 3-4 years, as that is the average amount of time you’ll normally have to wait before you’ve completed your apprenticeship.


It’s important to understand of course that an apprenticeship is not like a regular educational initiative. In most cases it’s hands on training that resembles real life work very accurately. You can end up working very hard and adopting a lot of great practical skills that you’re likely to need to use once you get a “real” job. You might get a lower salary at first, but depending on how fast your progress is, that situation can quickly change for the better.  Construction apprenticeships are readily available at