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How LinkedIn Can Help You Land a New Job In Construction


LinkedIn is the ideal destination for professional networking. Up to 90% of recruiters use this platform to find employees. It is so popular that a former US President said he would look for a job there, at the end of his term.

How to find one of the new jobs in Colorado in construction on LinkedIn?

Keep your profile up to date

You will have to regularly update all your details, from the profile picture to your list of skills. Users with a picture and those who complete the list of their skills appear more often in searches, and their profile is viewed 13 times more – according to statistics.

Describe in detail your professional goals and abilities

Write everything about your current job and your goal of finding a new job in construction. Describe your skills and activities at work. Highlight recent or significant experience, if applicable.

Announce that you are available

If you can announce that you are looking for a job, do it! Write this right in the headline; this way you will capture the attention of potential employers.

Use specific advanced search for finding available jobs

The LinkedIn search option can help you select the details you want, from domain and job type (part time or fulltime) to location. Moreover, you can use the search to target people in connection with a certain construction company. You can ask them for information about the working conditions, the company’s culture etc.