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How Have Denver Jobs Increased in Number Recently

Denver jobs increase on the rise

Denver jobs increase on the rise

A recent survey performed by a software company specialized in researching the labor market revealed that Denver CO jobs increased in number recently, and the Denver metro area actually has one of the best-performing labor markets in the US (the fifth, being only surpassed by Raleigh in North Carolina, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale in Arizona, Austin-Round Rock and Dallas-Fort Worth, both in Texas). It also ranks highly in a number of other categories, such as workforce educational attainment and population growth, which explain the job increase.

Despite the pandemic, Denver has added about 40,000 jobs, and overall hiring increased by more than 50% this year.

Unfortunately, the leisure and hospitality industry does not follow this growing trend; overall employment is down about 30%, but this situation is the same at the national level.

The increase in the number of jobs is closely linked to population growth, which has been obvious in recent years, not only in Denver in particular, but in Colorado in general. Quality of life, career opportunities and quality education are some of the reasons why people move here. Last but not least, many large and very large companies in various fields are constantly opening branches in the Denver metro area, creating new jobs.