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How Construction Apprenticeships Help the Industry


Apprenticeship is perhaps the oldest system for training skilled workers. Ever since the dawn of manufacturing, families would send their youths to learn a trade from an experienced manufacturer. This is how carpenters, masons and builders learned their job for centuries. And the apprenticeship system is sill working today in many fields, including in the construction industry.


In a digital world where almost anything can be taught on a computer, is there still room for this ancient form of training? The answer is yes, for several reasons:


1. Transfer of Knowledge Is Most Effective through Direct Practice

An experienced builder is much better at showing how they do their job than standing behind a projector to talk about it. Construction work and construction jobs in Colorado are physical work above all, and skilled workers can also assess their apprentice’s strength and stamina during practical lessons.


2. Companies Can Grow Their Own Workforce

Each company has its own policies and work procedures. However, when they hire workers who made their experience elsewhere, these companies must wait until the new employees leave behind the old procedures and learn the new ones. It is much simpler to teach specific work procedures to young and inexperienced apprentices and then promote them as full time workers.


3. It Is a Win-Win Situation for All the Parties Involved

While companies gain new employees trained to their satisfaction, apprentices receive a certificate after successfully completing the apprenticeship. Thus, they have a solid anchor in the career path they chose and can look forward to more job opportunities, if they decide to leave the company where they first learned the trade.