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Great Construction Jobs for 2020


The construction industry has seen extraordinary growth in the last few years and the trend is likely to continue in 2020 as well. The construction segment will surely see new projects and new companies as well, which also means that job seekers will have even more openings to choose from. Here are some of the positions that will be in high demand next year:

  • Laborers – if you are looking for a career in construction, but you are currently working in a different industry, now is the time to switch careers. The best way to start is to start at entry level – the pay is good and the opportunities are plentiful. Apprenticeship programs are also available in many large building companies;
  • Construction professionals – masons, electricians, plumbers, glaziers and other building professionals with experience are also in high demand all over the country;
  • Construction managers – building projects need not only to be executed – the work needs to be organized and managed at various levels, so construction managers will be sought for, too. The position does not require the candidate to be an architect or an engineer, but experience in the field of construction projects is usually an important requirement.  For great careers in construction look at Https://