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Four Ways to Use LinkedIn to Get a New Job


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. The central point is represented by business, career and professional relations. But what not everyone knows is that many companies now recruit directly from LinkedIn.

To take full advantage of LinkedIn, you need to learn the following:

  • How to create a remarkable profile with which you can apply directly to jobs posted on the network, and even be contacted without applying. In this sense, use Headline to say that you are looking for a job in the field that interests you. This way, any comment you publish, any post you write and any interaction you make, will display the Headline under your name, saying that you need one of the perfect Denver jobs.
  • How to build a solid network of partners to interact with and rely on. Use the Search box and the People button, to find the right ones for you. Give them a Login request and leave them a message telling that you could be useful for the company they represent.
  • How to get actively involved in the activities of groups, associations, forums, thus making you visible in a network of professionals. LinkedIn allows you to send a certain number of messages per month to people with whom you are not connected, but you still share membership in at least one common group.
  • How to find the companies you are interested in and follow them. Make a list of the companies you are targeting and follow their activity. This way you will see when they list vacancies.