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Five Things You Can Do to Standout During and After the Interview


If you want to be successful in the interview, to make a good impression and receive the long-awaited job, then you have to prepare very well and know some extremely important things.

Show self-confidence, during the interview

No manager wants to have undecided or low self-esteem people in their team, so you need to find ways to look confident and know your worth. However, do not forget that there is a big difference between being self-confident and being arrogant! recommendations also include being very careful about what you transmit through your body posture, the attitude you adopt and the behavior during the interview. Some of the most useful practical tips include:

  • Do not be late for the interview, be polite, practice a firm handshake and turn off your mobile phone!
  • Do not cross your arms as a protective shield – it is a sign of being defensive.
  • Be articulate and look the employer in the eye
  • Do not try to play a role because it will be obvious.

Avoid complaining about your old job

The employer does not want to hear your complaints, so the correct answer to the question “Why you leaved your former job and what do you expect from this one?” is “I really like the work I do, I learned a lot before but I’m looking for new challenges to move forward professionally”.