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Essential Tips for Interviewing Over Video Conferencing or Phone


Interviewing over video conferencing or phone has, in most cases, taken the place of the common job interview we knew before the “COVID era.” Now candidates are expected to present themselves in a professional manner as they speak on the phone (usually on recorded calls) and try to win over the companies that they wish to work for.

While preparing for your interview and thinking of your lines, it’s good practice to put yourself in the place of the job interviewer. Imagine having to listen to or watch dozens of candidates every day, and think of what might make one (you) stand out from the crowd. Then simply take notes on it and practice it in front of the mirror or over a voice recorder to see how your voice sounds.

If the interviewer can see you, and especially if your webcam has HD quality, make sure you dress as you would for a regular job interview. Wearing a shirt and possibly a tie should be a given, and it’s also important to make yourself presentable by freshening up, combing your hair and keeping it simple – like, avoid wearing too much makeup or too many jewelry items.

Finally, remember to smile, be yourself and present your skills and abilities in a plain and simple manner. Don’t try to overcompensate for any lacks you might have or tell the interviewer what you think he or she wants to know. Instead, be transparent about your flaws and assertive in your speaking style.  Find some of the best construction jobs available at