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Entry Level Construction Jobs


Construction workers build residential and commercial buildings and also roads and bridges. Some of the jobs in construction require a high level of education, qualification and even experience, but there are many others destined for laborers (workers starting in entry-level position).  Businesses such as Build Colorado in Denver offer a variety of construction jobs from entry level to apprenticeships.

The construction field is vast and there is something to do for anyone who is interested to work.

As a prospective candidate, who is looking for an entry-level job, you should create a resume based on your strengths and skills. You may not be qualified or experienced, but employers will surely appreciate someone who is reliable, fast learning and willing to progress in their career path. Make sure you apply for jobs that clearly state “construction labor”, “general labor” or “entry-level”; these typically involve simple manual labor or basic skills, but they will bring you some money and also allow you to gain experience and advance in the construction career path.

Here is a list of common jobs that may find:

  • Entry level Carpenter
  • General Labor
  • Entry Level Operator
  • Entry Level HVAC Installer
  • Entry Level Equipment Operator
  • Entry Level Warehouser / Forklift Driver
  • Entry Level Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Technician
  • Entry Level Road highway laborhand
  • Restoration Technician/General Labor
  • Entry Level  Equipment Operator
  • Driller Helper
  • Assistant Utility Maintenance Worker (laborer)
  • Parks Landscape Building Maintenance Worker (laborer)