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Do You Have to Start at the Bottom with Low Paying Entry Level Construction Jobs?

Questions We Can Help Builder Colorado

Questions We Can Help Builder Colorado

The construction sector offers a wide range of jobs, depending on your experience and studies at Build Colorado of Denver.

Job vacancies exist even for those who have no experience at all. However, many employers offer new employees training courses or even the opportunity to obtain certain qualifications, to increase their potential.

It is not absolutely necessary to start at the bottom, with a low paying entry job; these jobs are for people with little experience or not enough education. But with more studies, job opportunities in construction will become more and more numerous and better paid. Here are some well-paid career options:

Contracts manager

Contracts managers are responsible for creating and reviewing contracts involved in the purchase of materials and equipment, selling services offered by the company and consulting with sellers and customers. They must have special communication skills, as well as a foundation degree, or Higher National Diploma.

Specialist in project control

Project control specialists are responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining cost controls on a particular project, ensuring that the project is carried out successfully. A master’s degree in construction management (or a similar field!) is necessary, as well as leadership qualities and organizational skills.